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How Do I Add Commands To the Body Tag?

Next up, we will tell you how to add commands to the <BODY> tag, in the <BODY> tag is where the web browser is told everything it will need to know about the structure of the web page. It tells what the link color, what the background color is, what the background image is, and what the text color is. It is also a major place for errors, so make sure you do this part right. Inside the <BODY> tag, the following commands may be placed (note all these tags are optional):


  • BACKGROUND="backgroundname.gif" The File name of your background.
  • BGCOLOR="" The Color in the background.
  • TEXT="" The Text Color.
  • LINK="" Unvisited Link Color.
  • VLINK="" Visited Link Color.
  • ALINK="" Active Link Color.
  • BGPROPERTIES="fixed | none" Background properties (scrolling or fixed), works with IE only.

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