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Directory Help
One of most popular functions is the ability to create multiple directories for your page.These directories can be used to store your images, html files or anything else that you want to put in them. They are completely web accessible, and deletable.

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File Management
Every site changes and in order to accomedate your changing files, we have built in several important file management features. You can use all these features through your file manager at any time you please and the resutls are instant.

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Creating Files
There are now three possible ways to create a new file: plain html, template or ez-web builder. Each of these features can be accessed by logging into your file manager program. Select the directory to place your file in and click the button titled "Create New File". From there, you can select the method of file creation that you want most. Each method of file creation is explained below.

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Uploading Files
Many sites contain images and other files that can not be created online. In order to add these files into your site, you must upload them through our upload manager. With our php web hosting users can create php or html files for upload.

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Account Management
When you signed form StormPages Free Web Hosting, you instantly became a part of our free network and community. Your site is a part of our free search engine and the information shown in this search engine is fully customizable by you along with several other fields that effect your overall site functionality.

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Error Messages
There will be times at which you may experience an error of some sort. The following is an exmaplinaiton of what the error is, why it happens and what to do about it.

Error: Invalid Account or Login InformationError: The username or password you entered it wrongError: This directory already existsError: This service is temporarily not availableError: Your account is on holdMore >>
Web Page Tutorials
HTML Help, CSS, meta tags, frames, and more explained in this full featured how to guide.

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