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How Do I Create a Table?

Now for the harder stuff; Tables. Tables are useful in organizing information into specific columns. As long as you do the correct code, at all times for tables, they are relatively easy to master. But note, that each section of a table needs it's own code, and it never hurts to use more than one table, if you want a space in between rows.

<Table..> Begins a table
  • align= aligns the table
  • BGCOLOR="" background color for the table
  • BORDER= border thickness, sometimes large borders look nice too
  • CELLPADDING= space between the border and contents of the table
  • CELLSPACING= space between parts of the table
  • WIDTH= table width
  • <tr..> create one line on a table
    • BGCOLOR="" the background color of the part
    • VALIGN= aligns the info. within the part
    • ALIGN= aligns the content in the cell
  • <td> starts a cell (individual part of the table, for data/ pictures)
    • Table cell information
  • </td> ends the cell
  • </tr> ends the table line

</table> ends the table

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