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How Do I Create External, Internal and Mailto Links?

In order to make a web site with multiple pages, or to link to other sites, you must know how to make a link. Links are rather simple when they reach internal or exterior pages, but when they are in the same page, they become harder. There is also mailto links, that allow people to send you mail by clicking on the link.

  • <a href="> email me </a> sends an email to you, through a link.
  • <a href=""> page name </a> makes a link to a page outside of yours.
  • <a href="filename.html"> page name </a> makes a link to a page inside your domain.
  • <a name="anchorname"> page name </a> makes an anchor to a part of your page.  Place this where you want the internal link to appear.
  • <a href="#anchorname"> anchor name </a> makes a link to the anchor.  Place where you want the link to send the user to.

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