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How Do I Change the Font Sizes, Styles, ETC?

In order to even have a simple web page, you have to know how to use the fonts, and this is also pretty simple. To change a font size, there are two different tags that can be used, the h tag, where h1-h6 all produce text of different sizes, with one being the biggest. This tag is simple to use, involves only opening and closing the tag, but is very basic. The Font tag on the other hand uses size=+ or - to specify font size, in numbers 1 - 4. It also allows you to change the font color by adding the tag color="" inside the font tag, and lastly it allows the user to use different styles of fonts by adding the tag face="" also inside the font tag. This tag requires and open and close tag, but the color, size and style need to be specified in the opening part of the tag only.

As for Breaks in Lines, the tag BR starts a new line, and the tag P creates a whole new paragraph, with black space in between it and the previous paragraph. Lastly, the Tag HR makes a Horizontal Line across the page, the size of this can be changed using size=+ or - and any number. Here is a list of the tags:

  • <font..> the basic font tag
    • color="" font color
    • size=+/- the size, -4 through +4
    • face="" the style of the font
    </font> end the tag
      • <h1> - <h6> Preset font sizes, one being the biggest
      • </h1> - </h6 end the tag
      • <hr..> horizontal rule size=+/- the size of the rule, any number
      • <p> new paragraph
      • <br> new line<
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