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How Do I Start A Web Page?

Starting a web page is rather simple, to make a page, simply enter the following commands into a new text file.

<TITLE> your title here
<BODY...> (see below for more about the body command)
Page Content

That's al there is to it! Basically the <HTML> tag at the begging tells the web browser that this is an HTML document and to read it as one. The <HEAD> tag tells the Browser that information about the page, like the page's title can be found here. The <TITLE> tag begins a place for the title and the </TITLE> ends it. As for the </HEAD>, it ends the head. The <BODY> tag is where the browser is told what the page will look like, what the background will be, the text colors, ect.... It also marks the start of the web page's main body. In the start and the </BODY> and </HTML> tags are where the rest of the web page goes, this includes; the text, links, images, and whatever else might be put into the web page. HTML </BODY> including </HTML> tags that finish up the web page and close it.

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